Abd Elkader, Nermine

Nermine Abd Elkader is an Academic English Listening and Speaking Instructor at the IFP program in New College. She has a PhD in the Sociocultural Approaches of Education and a Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language. Her research interest is dialogic approaches in the EAP classroom.

Bartel, Joan

Joan Bartel, M.A., is the author of Office Soft Skills, a book focused on effective communication in office workplaces. Besides teaching Occupation-specific Language Training, she is a guest lecturer in Humber College’s TESL program and frequent local and international presenter on soft skills and immigrants’ critical communication needs for employment.    

Brown, Jeff

Dr. Jeff Brown is a professor in the Centre for Preparatory and Liberal Studies at George Brown College.  He teaches in the Department of English and Communication and the School of ESL. His work has appeared in a variety of publications, including TESL Canada Journal, The Teacher Trainer, and English Today.

Cadiz, Ruffy

Ruffy Cadiz is the PBLA Lead for TNO-The Neighbourhood Organization teaching both Stage 1 and 2. He has been a part of the panel for TOSCON16 with other PBLA Leads in the province. He has a number of years experience teaching LINC/ ESL in Canada and abroad.

Chauhan, Jagrati

Jagrati Chauhan has over 8 years of experience teaching English for Academic Purposes at York University English Language Institute. She has a PhD in English (Canadian equivalency from University of Toronto), and a Masters in Linguistics and English Language Teaching. She is also an instructor and senior writer for EduPros.

Cole, Christina

Christina Cole teaches Academic Listening and Speaking in the International Foundation Program at the University of Toronto. She completed an M.A. in Applied Linguistics at York University, focusing on technology-mediated feedback. She actively engages in using technology as a tool for EAP learning and is involved in research on this topic. She regularly presents at conferences, most recently at TESOL 2018 in  Chicago.

Freitas, Danielle

Danielle Freitas is a professor at Sheridan College, where she teaches in the TESOL Plus and ESL programs. She holds a master’s in Second Language Education, U of T, a master’s degree in TESOL, UCL, and is currently finishing her PhD in Language and Literacies Education, U of T.

Fung, Sylvia

Sylvia Fung (M.Ed., OCELT) has been teaching for 20 years, and is currently an ESL instructor and teacher-trainer at Seneca College. She was a school teacher for the Toronto District School Board and corporate trainer. She enjoys teaching workplace communication skills, with special interests in pronunciation and sociocultural awareness.

Glass, Maria

Maria Glass is a full-time EAP professor with George Brown College in Toronto, ON. She holds a TESL certificate, a Ph.D. in Linguistics (Pragmatics) and a Master’s in Applied Linguistics. Her research interests include Pragmatics, Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication, and Second Language Acquisition.

Golani, Kara

Kara Golani is an #edtech consultant and corporate trainer who focuses on how cutting-edge technologies can drive learning. A lifelong learner herself, Kara is passionate about leveraging the power of 21C tools both in the classroom and the workplace. Connect with her on social media: @karagolani

Jones, Cindi

Cindi Jones is an Academic Director and former teacher. She uses her role to encourage students and instructors to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Lee, Christien

Christien Lee has worked in ELT since 1994 in many roles including as a teacher, trainer, and author. He has experience in every area of ELT, and has published several academic English and exam preparation books. He is a regular presenter at ELT conferences, including TESOL and IATEFL.

Lindholm, Tuula

Tuula is co-author of Navigating the Intercultural ESOL Classroom (to be published this summer by TESOL Press) with 20 years teaching, coaching and curriculum development experience in community colleges and teaching of professional immigrants to Canada. She has also worked as a corporate trainer and communication skills specialist with Deloitte US in India and as a certified workplace skills coach. She is now involved in projects in Ontario to integrate intercultural communication competencies with teaching of English to develop a curriculum framework and tools for ESOL teachers in the various adult education programs and teaching contexts in Canada

McMullan, James

With many years’ experience teaching English to adults – both internationally and in Toronto – James is also a film aficionado with formal training in screenwriting from UCLA. He strongly believes in learning by doing, especially now that the technology for writing, filming, and editing stories resides in every student’s smartphone.

Nathaniel, Tehreem

Tehreem Nathaniel is currently working at TNO-The Neighbourhood Organization as a LINC teacher for PBLA Stage 1. She has experience teaching ESL/ EFL in Canada and abroad. Tehreem has presented a workshop at TOSCON17 and TESL ON 2017 sharing her ideas about PBLA implementation from a teacher’s perspective.

Park, Suzanne

After twenty years as a corporate communications trainer and leadership coach, Suzanne was inspired by her many clients with English pronunciation issues to transition to the world of English language learning. With a Masters in Adult Education and her TESL certificate in hand Suzanne is an enthusiastic volunteer facilitator at WoodGreen’s Office Dynamics program. Suzanne has also been invited to energize ELLs and their teachers in a number of organizations. She is currently embarking on a research project that focuses on Idioms.

Seburn, Tyson

Tyson Seburn, author of Academic Reading Circles, teaches Critical Reading & Writing at the University of Toronto. He holds an in MA Educational Technology & TESOL (University of Manchester). His main interest focuses on public spaces for exploring teacher identity and development.

Seriani, Juliana

Juliana Seriani has over 8 years of experience teaching English for Academic Purposes at York University English Language Institute. She holds a Master of Arts from Lancaster University, England, and also a Masters in Applied Linguistics from York University.

Wasylyk, Natalie

Natalie Wasylyk has been teaching ESL/EAP for 2 years in the GTA and is always on the hunt for interactive and memorable lesson ideas. Currently teaching at Sheridan’s LINC program, her favourite classroom moment is when learners’ voices collectively get louder and louder until they’re booming!

Wertheim, Marijke

Marijke Wertheim teaches Methodology in the TESOL Certificate program at Woodsworth College, University of Toronto. She also teaches a wide variety of courses at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, George Brown College, and Humber College. Marijke is a regular presenter at TESL conferences.

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