Sponsors are wonderful additions to our conference experience. With their support, we can offer different venues, a wider array of speakers, and more giveaways!

Sponsors make donations to the conference in general or to specific aspects of the conference. In exchange, we offer various promotions in gratitude.

If you are interested in being one of TOSCON’s sponsors, there are three levels in which you can participate:

Sponsorship Levels

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Nicola Carozza, TESL Toronto Treasurer. If you would like your sponsorship connected to a particular aspect of the conference (e.g. venue, lunch, dinner, etc.[5]), please indicate so in your email. Thank you.

[1] Not all events have opening and closing remarks; in this case, signage or logos should be displayed (in multiple spots) and a mention will be given before introducing presenters.
[2] Location dependent
[3] Location dependent
[4] Location dependent
[5] Keep in mind, all events are different.
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