What’s Different

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Our focus for TOSCON has always been to provide gripping and relevant sessions for all our attendees.  This year, we have topics that we are sure will enhance your knowledge of ELT and practices within the classroom.  Of course, change is inevitable as there are many factors that go into planning an event.

Our biggest change this year  was making TOSCON18 a one-day event, rather than  2 days. And after much thought, we decided to make it one day for a number of reasons.  With a one-day event, we can secure a great venue, have excellent food, and hopefully surprise you with other things!

Also, this year, the event will take place solely on the Victoria University grounds.  Our presentations, exhibitors, and plenary will be at Victoria College, and our catered hot lunch will be at Burwash Dining Hall.

Every year is different and great! Thank you for your support!


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